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Sales department add fragrance scheme
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Sales department add fragrance scheme


In the real estate industry, the sales department is the corporate image. For the first customer who stepped into the sales department, the good decoration effect and the fragrant air can bring customers a happy mood, thereby increasing consumers' purchase desire and decision-making; coupled with industry competition, they introduced fragrance To improve the air environment and enhance the company's image to achieve the purpose of increasing performance.

售楼部加香 First, the sales department adds fragrance solutions:  

1. Selection of fragrance equipment and installation location in the sales department:

有新风系统情况下首选AF-B01(3500立方米内)或者AF-B22(6000立方米内),香味出口直接连接新风管道; AF-B01 (within 3500 cubic meters) or AF-B22 (within 6,000 cubic meters) is preferred when there is a fresh air system, and the fragrance outlet is directly connected to the fresh air pipe;

新风系统安装位置受条件限制或者无新风系统情况下,加香区域的天花板上方有检修口或者空调出风口供加香机安装的场所选择AF-B01或者AF-B02(如果售楼部结构比较长,2个香味出口分别连接不同出风口), ② If the installation position of the fresh air system is restricted or there is no fresh air system, there is an inspection port or air-conditioning air outlet above the ceiling of the fragrance area for the installation of the fragrance machine. Select AF-B01 or AF-B02 (if the sales department structure is compared Long, 2 fragrance outlets are connected to different air outlets respectively),

上述情况无法满足才选择AF-B03摆地面安装。 AF-B03 was selected to be installed on the ground before the above conditions could not be met.

样板房和露出通道使用AF-S01机型。 ④ The model room and exposed channel use AF-S01 model.

2. Selection of scented essential oils for sales department:

Recommended fresh fragrance series: Westin White Tea, Shangri-La, Fresh Bamboo Charm, Fresh White Tea, Water of Life, Paris Spring, Azure Ocean, Rain Garden, Spring Morning, Sofitel Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel And so on, we can accept fragrance customization according to customer requirements, and we will definitely find one that suits you.

Before purchasing fragrance essential oils, our company provides free fragrance samples for you to choose, and you can still replace other fragrances after purchase, so that you can order the fragrance that you are satisfied with.

售楼部加香方案还需要考虑的是售楼部现场空气流动方向和通风大小情况来选取扩香机的安装位置,安装位置对香味扩散效果有着非常重要的影响,所以售楼部加香需要有精通大空间加香经验的团队,广州市润香环保科技有限公司专业售楼部加香团队会通过现场勘查并免费为客户做出详细的售楼部加香方案和详细的加香成本供客户参考,为客户打造客户性价比满意的香氛效果,我们建议选择售楼部加香供应商时,货比三家后才决定选择哪家作为合作伙伴,我相信,选择我们一定是正确的,选择我们就是选择质量和放心! 3. The fragrance sales plan of the sales department also needs to consider the air flow direction and ventilation of the sales department to choose the installation position of the diffuser. The installation position has a very important influence on the fragrance diffusion effect, so the sales department added Incense needs a team with experience in perfumery in large spaces. The fragrance sales team of the professional sales department of Guangzhou Runxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. will conduct on-site surveys and make detailed sales department fragrance plans and detailed fragrances for customers for free. The cost is for the customer's reference to create a scent effect that is satisfactory for the customer. We recommend that when you choose a fragrance supplier in the sales department, you should decide which one to choose as a partner after comparing the three. I believe that we must choose the right one. , Choose us is to choose quality and rest assured!


Second, our advantages:

与国际顶级扩香机工艺和技术同步 1. Synchronized with the international top diffuser process and technology

节省精油技术遥遥领先国内同行 2. Essential oil saving technology is far ahead of domestic counterparts

国内唯一全部机型采用进口超长寿机芯品牌 3. The only domestic model with imported ultra-longevity movement brand

使用寿命达同行平均寿命的三倍 4, the service life is three times the average life of peers

出口三十一个国家和地区 5. Export to 31 countries and regions

大空间加香设备的标杆企业 6. Benchmarking enterprise for large space fragrance equipment

中国大空间加香领军企业 7, China's leading large space fragrance company

大空间加香工程案例逾千家 8. There are more than 1,000 cases of large-space fragrance projects

与知名外资精油公司合作 9. Cooperation with well-known foreign essential oil companies

精油品质让同行望尘莫及 10. The quality of essential oils is beyond the reach of peers

中国最具社会责任感品牌 11. China's most socially responsible brand

连续三年无客户质量投诉 12, no customer quality complaints for three consecutive years


Third, some cases of sales department add fragrance:

Guangzhou Runxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has added fragrance to the sales department. Clients include Vanke Real Estate, Kaijing Group, Ka Wah Group, Greenland Real Estate, Shimao Real Estate, Henderson Land, etc. If you need to consult more sales department for fragrance, Contact company sales.

广州市润香环保科技有限公司是专业扩香机厂家和专业大空间加香优质服务商,公司产品有扩香机、香氛精油,公司大空间加香服务范围:酒店加香、酒吧加香、KTV加香、售楼处加香、汽车4S店加香、会所加香、商场加香、婚纱影楼加香、电影院加香、服装店加香、写字楼加香等空间加香服务。 Fourth, Guangzhou Runxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional diffuser manufacturer and a professional large-area fragrance service provider. The company's products include diffuser and fragrance oil. The company's large-space fragrance service range: hotel fragrance, bar Perfuming, Perfuming at KTV, Perfuming at sales office, Perfuming at automobile 4S shop, Perfuming at club, Perfuming at shopping mall, Perfuming at wedding photo studio, Perfuming at cinema, Perfuming at clothing store, Perfuming at office, etc.


The above scheme is the original professional sales department's fragrance scheme of Guangzhou Runxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Please do not reprint without consent!


目前,市面上有公司以我们公司名誉销售售楼部加香机,机器外观大小基本和我们的机器一致,但使用国内机芯,质量参差不齐,所以购买润香品牌酒店加香机前请联系“润香”加香机厂家工作人员,来确定是否属于授权正规品牌代理商/经销商,以免造成不必要的损失! Solemnly declare: At present, there are companies on the market that sell our fragrance sales machines with the reputation of our company. The appearance and size of the machines are basically the same as ours, but the domestic movements are of different quality. Before the machine, please contact the staff of the "Ranxiang" flavoring machine manufacturer to determine whether it is an authorized regular brand agent / dealer, so as not to cause unnecessary losses!

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