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Installation method of diffuser

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Diffuser manufacturers 广州市润香环保科技有限公司的刘勇泉在这几年的实践经验中总结出好些有关扩香机安装的一些技术见解,扩香机安装由于受现场空调和新风系统的布局影响, 扩香机厂家技术人员在安装扩香机位置的选择上需要有一定的实战经验,才能选择到最佳位置,从而才有最佳的香氛效果,否则事倍功半。 Explain the installation method of diffuser : Liu Yongquan of Guangzhou Runxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. summed up some technical insights about the installation of diffuser in recent years of practical experience. The installation of diffuser is affected by the on-site air conditioning and fresh air system. The influence of the layout, the technical staff of the diffuser manufacturer need to have a certain practical experience in the choice of the location of the diffuser, in order to choose the best position, so as to have the best fragrance effect, otherwise it will be less effective.

The technical personnel of the diffuser manufacturer must first understand the layout and space size of the air conditioner or fresh air system that can be inspected at the site, and need to test the air flow, and finally choose the model and installation location (scent outlet position) of the diffuser. Now I will give a simple example of a conventional installation method in a place with good air tightness or small air flow ( hotel perfume , sales department perfume, beauty club perfume, etc.):

有独立新风系统(新风管道)的空间,扩香机安装方法最为简单,直接将香味出口接入到新风管道,新风能到达的地方都有香味,如下图例 1. There is space for an independent fresh air system (new air duct). The installation method of the diffuser is the simplest. Directly connect the fragrance outlet to the fresh air duct. The fresh air can reach the place where there is fragrance , as shown in the figure below .

扩香机安装 扩香机安装

2. In the space without fresh air system (fresh air duct), the fragrance outlet is directly connected to the air conditioning outlet, and the fragrance does not need to be directly diffused from the air outlet above the ceiling through the duct, as shown in the figure below.


The technical personnel of the diffuser manufacturer will not have much difficulty in the normal installation of the above two diffuser, but some places without fresh air system need to have a uniform fragrance effect, which requires more experienced technology Personnel to choose the location of the fragrance outlet.

For non-conventional hyper-space places, such as bars, theaters and other hyper-space places, you need to have enough experience to choose the best installation location. Achieve the same scent effect.

I'll stop here today. Liu Yongquan, the manufacturer of the diffuser in the next issue, will explain more about the installation of the diffuser. If you encounter technical problems with the diffuser or installation problems in difficult and large locations, you can consult me. .

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