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What are the characteristics of the Sentifi fragrance machine and Runxiang brand fragrance machine?

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Sentifilca fragrance machine :

It is a local fragrance company in Guangzhou. It has the courage to learn from and surpass large companies. It entered the market earlier in Guangzhou and has a better publicity. It is a well-known market in Guangzhou and it has made great efforts in the development of equipment. There are 5 patents for the shape of the machine, and the link for investment promotion is more complete!

Disadvantages: The quality of essential oils is slightly worse, the survival rate of franchisees is low, and the core technology is immature.


Runxiang brand flavoring machine:

The predecessor of Guangzhou Runxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional perfumer (also known as aromatherapy machine, diffuser , fragrance system, etc.) for foreign first-line brands. The advanced technology and experience in manufacturing have now become the representative of high-quality perfumer brands in the domestic perfumer industry. Later, they cut into the domestic hotel aromatherapy market and imported imported high-quality perfume essential oils (aromatherapy essential oils). High cost performance, thus gaining the respect of peers and users in the hotel aromatherapy industry.

The company adheres to the core value of "only high-quality products and services". Runxiang fragrance machine adopts German technology and technology. It is the only perfumer brand in China that uses imported ultra-long life movements. It is China's large space perfumer. Leading company, products exported to 31 countries and regions, zero customer quality complaints for three consecutive years, is the most socially responsible brand, is a benchmarking company in the fragrance industry. Runxiang fragrance machine relies on high-quality aromatherapy equipment and high-quality aromatherapy essential oil quality, cost-effective advantages and good after-sales, and has developed rapidly in the domestic market, but because there is no advertising and vigorous promotion, it is not well known, but it is exported The market share of developed countries such as Europe and the Middle East is far ahead of their domestic counterparts. In the past two years, the domestic market share has increased significantly and has since become the trend.

Runxiang fragrance machine is widely used in hotels, bars, KTVs, clubs, night clubs, sales offices, high-end office buildings, automobile 4S shops, department stores, wedding photo studios, cinemas, airport halls, conference centers, exhibition halls, banks, brand clothing Stores, jewellery stores, high-level hospitals, villas and other places add fragrance.

At present, the company successively has Jinjiang International Hotel, Chutian Guangdong International Hotel, New Century Grand Hotel, Sofitel Hotel, Shuyou Group Jinzun KTV, Good Sound KTV, Phoebe International Bar, Fei Ling Bar, Lace Bar, Grand Theatre, Asia Pacific International Club, Yinquan International Club, OCT East Coast Club, Porsche 4S Store, Audi 4S Store, Great Wall Harvard 4S Store, Vanke Real Estate Sales Department, Poly Real Estate Sales Department, Country Garden Real Estate Sales Department , Diwang Shopping Center, Red Star Macalline Mall, Huachang Jewelry Store, Giovanni Brand Clothing Store and more than 1,000 places provide space and fragrance services.

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