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Reasons to choose Runxiang space fragrance

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Reasons to choose Runxiang Space fragrance:


节省30%加香(精油)费用: 1. Save 30% on the cost of flavoring (essential oil):

The fragrance atomizer of the fragrance and fragrance machine adopts patented technology and German technology, and introduces high-precision parts made of aluminum alloy made of American precision components. The fragrance atomization effect is close to the "smoke" ultra-fine fragrance molecules, and the diffusion range is large. , The fragrance floats for a long time, and a small range of essential oils can be used to achieve a wide range of fragrance effects. 香机比同行节省30%香氛精油耗用量。 Under the same space environment, the fragrance fragrance machine saves 30% of the consumption of essential oils compared with its counterparts.


安全环保: 2. Safety and environmental protection:

Guangzhou Runxiang provides imported fragrance essential oils and well-known foreign original fragrance essential oils. The quality is high-end, the fragrance is pure and long-lasting, no addition, environmental protection and safety, and the safety of fragrance diffusion for human health and respiratory health. Fragrance essential oils are produced according to the standards of the International Fragrance Association and meet the European Union's safety requirements and national standards. The company sends samples of international authoritative structural tests every year to ensure the continued safety of fragrance essential oils, make conscience products, and provide users with authoritative agencies' essential oils for free. Quality and safety inspection certificate.


香味更均匀 Third, the fragrance is more uniform

香机香味雾化器香味雾化效果接近“烟”状的超细微香味分子,香味扩散范围更大,加香机AF-B02型号搭配2个香味雾化器,在没有中央空调新风系统的环境下可以实现一个空间2个香味出口同时喷香,从而香味更均匀。 The fragrance atomizing effect of the fragrance and fragrance machine atomizer is close to the "smoke" -like ultra-fine fragrance molecules, and the fragrance diffusion range is larger. The fragrance machine AF-B02 model is equipped with 2 fragrance atomizers. In the system environment, two fragrance outlets in a space can be sprayed at the same time, so that the fragrance is more uniform.


  高品质、智能化的空间加香设备 Fourth, high-quality, intelligent space fragrance equipment

香机采用德国技术和工艺,装配进口超长寿机芯; 1. Runxiang fragrance machine uses German technology and technology to assemble imported ultra-long life movement;

控制系统,可分段设定每天的加香时间,同时可设定空间香味浓度,以保证扩香效果达到最完美效果。 2. Microcomputer full-automatic control system, which can set the fragrance time every day, and the fragrance concentration in space can be set at the same time, in order to ensure the perfect effect of fragrance spread.

香机采用二流体冷空气扩散技术,保持了香氛精油的分子结构,不会破坏其香味分子原有的结构。 3. The fragrance and fragrance machine uses two-fluid cold air diffusion technology to maintain the molecular structure of the fragrance essential oil without destroying the original structure of its fragrance molecules.


加香设备经久耐用: V. Perfume equipment is durable:

Runxiang perfumed body adopts German technology and imported ultra-long life movement, with a service life of 6-8 years, which is three times the service life of peer perfumery equipment. The whole machine is made of aluminum alloy, and it will never rust in high temperature and humidity environment.


免维护保养: 6. Maintenance-free:

香机香氛精油雾化器采用铝合金材质加工而成,具有高精度、高寿命的特点,香味雾化成“烟”状超细微分子,香味无堵塞情况,所以无需每月定期清洗精油雾化器。 The scent essential oil atomizer is processed by aluminum alloy material, which has the characteristics of high precision and long life. The fragrance is atomized into "smoke" ultrafine molecules, and the fragrance is not clogged, so there is no need to clean it regularly every month. Essential oil atomizer.


实战经验丰富: Seven, rich practical experience:

Five years of experience in large space and fragrant combat, with more than a thousand users across the country; a professional team with R & D centers, planning and services; maintaining cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions and foreign essential oil companies, we have always been committed to the pursuit of high quality, cost-effective and high-quality services Fragrance system service manufacturers.

    KTV 、售楼部、高档写字楼、汽车 4S Runxiang Big Space Fragrance Application Site: Star Hotel, Bar, Clubhouse, Night Club, KTV , Sales Department, High-end Office Building, Automobile 4S Shop   Department store   , Wedding photo studio, cinema, internet cafe, airport hall, conference center, exhibition hall, bank, brand clothing store, jewelry store, high-level hospital   , Villas and other places.


服务保障: Service guarantee:

1. Pre-sale service

⑴Provide professional consultation. Answer your professional technical questions within 2 hours.
⑵Provide detailed plans and reasonable quotations. Detailed plans and reasonable quotations will be made within 8 hours.

(3) Provide inspection reception. Receive your inspections at any time and provide various convenient conditions for your inspections.

2. Sale service

⑴You sign contracts and technical agreements.
⑵Conscientiously abide by the contract law to ensure the smooth implementation of contracts and technical agreements.
(3) Make every effort to provide you with high-quality products, and use the best transportation methods to ensure that you receive the goods intact.
⑷ Actively communicate with users, respect user arrangements, and provide users with thoughtful technical training and technical support.

⑸Regardless of the size of the contract, all customers are fair in terms of price and service.

3. After sales service

⑴Set up customer files, and provide relevant technical operation instructions and technical data according to customer requirements.

⑵Three- year free warranty, lifetime maintenance service, contract user lifetime warranty.

香机遇到故障,我们都会在电话沟通确认后,第一时间安排维修事宜。 (3) When the fragrance machine encounters a failure, we will arrange the maintenance as soon as possible after the telephone communication is confirmed.

⑷If the manufacturer's fragrance equipment ( fragrant diffuser , fragrance machine) is in trouble and urgently needs support services, we can provide the service for the temporary replacement of the machine for free.

香氛精油质量安全检验证书。 ⑸Provide the quality and safety inspection certificate of fragrance essential oil from authoritative organizations .


We advocate: "Service without after-sale service is the best after-sale service", because we are confident to confirm that there will be basically no quality problem, even if it is a small quality problem.

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