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Hotel flavoring supplier selection, which one to compare?

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Hotel flavoring supplier selection, which one to compare?

      At present, the hotel flavoring machine manufacturers in the domestic market are concentrated in Guangzhou and Shenzhen in Guangdong Province. The quality of hotel flavoring machines varies, with plastic, iron, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy materials. The prices are different, but some people will find , Most manufacturers and users have suggested that they can buy essential oil delivery machines, is there so many things, now I will take you to reveal the secret:

First of all, the gifted hotel flavoring machine (also known as diffuser , flavoring machine , fragrance system, etc.) uses low-cost and low-quality products. Many of them are discarded after less than six months of use, and the consumption of essential oil is more than 30%. The plastic scent atomizer needs to be cleaned and maintained every month, and the leakage of essential oil from the machine may cause damage to the ceiling or surrounding property.

Secondly, many essential oils in the fragrance industry are also refilled. It is common to add diluents to two bottles per bottle. Many inferior fragrance essential oils are also known as French imported fragrance essential oils. There is no guarantee of safety and health. Do you dare?

It can be seen from the above that in the era of a penny of goods, there is no free lunch in the world, and users who need to purchase hotel flavoring machines, just open their eyes and shop around before deciding which manufacturer to buy.


Advantages of Runxiang Hotel perfumer and fragrance oil:

1. Save the cost of flavoring (essential oil):

The fragrance atomizer of the fragrance diffuser is a patented technology and German technology, which introduces high-precision components made of aluminum alloy made of American precision components. The fragrance atomization effect is close to "smoke" -like ultra-fine fragrance molecules with a wide diffusion range. The fragrance floats for a long time, and a wide range of fragrance effects can be achieved with very few fragrance essential oils. Under the same space environment, the fragrance diffuser saves 30% of the consumption of essential oils compared with its counterparts.

2. High quality and durable:

It adopts German technology and imported ultra-long life movement, with a service life of 6-8 years, three times the service life of its counterparts. The aluminum alloy material of the whole machine will never rust.

3. Maintenance-free:

The fragrance essential oil atomizer of the fragrance diffuser is made of aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of high precision and long life. The fragrance is atomized into "smoke" ultrafine molecules, and the fragrance is not clogged, so there is no need to clean it regularly every month. Essential oil atomizer.

4.Intelligent fragrance and fragrance concentration control

The microcomputer control system can set the daily fragrance time in sections, and at the same time, the spatial fragrance concentration can be set to ensure the perfect effect of the diffuser; the fragrance diffuser uses two-fluid cold air diffusion technology to maintain the fragrance The molecular structure of the essential oil will not destroy its original structure.

5. More uniform fragrance

The fragrance atomizing effect of the fragrance diffuser fragrance atomizer is close to the "smoke" -shaped ultra-fine fragrance molecules, and the fragrance diffusion range is larger. The diffuser AF-B02 model is equipped with 2 fragrance atomizers. In the system environment, two fragrance outlets in a space can be sprayed at the same time, so that the fragrance is more uniform.

6. Safety and environmental protection

Guangzhou Runxiang provides well-known foreign original scent essential oils, foreign original scent essential oils, high-end quality, pure and lasting fragrance, no additions, environmental protection and safety, fragrance diffusion safety for human health and respiratory health. Fragrance essential oils are produced according to the standards of the International Fragrance Association and meet the European Union's safety requirements and national standards. The company sends samples of international authoritative structural tests every year to ensure the continued safety of fragrance essential oils, to be a conscience product, and to provide users with quality and safety inspections of fragrance essential oils for free. certificate.

7. Rich practical experience:

Five years of practical experience in large space plus fragrance, with a professional team of R & D centers, planning and services; maintaining cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions and foreign essential oil companies, we have always been committed to the pursuit of high-quality, cost-effective and high-quality services.

Runxiang large space fragrance application fields are all: star hotels, bars, clubs, night clubs, KTV, sales department, high-end office buildings, automobile 4S shops, department stores, wedding photo studios, cinemas, Internet cafes, airport halls, conference centers, Exhibition halls, banks, brand clothing stores, jewelry stores, high-end hospitals, villas and other places.


为什么润香品牌酒店加香机价格比市面上的一般牌子的酒店加香机贵一些? The above is why the price of Runxiang brand hotel flavoring machine is more expensive than the average brand hotel flavoring machine on the market? But why do customers still choose us? 答案在这里: 因为润香酒店加香机采用德国技术和工艺,进口超长寿机芯,使用寿命长,省精油,客户购买我们的酒店加香机按照全年加香费用算是比同行节省30%以上加香费用;反而便宜的酒店加香机或者是赠送的酒店加香机使用到最后核算的成本是最高的,因为使用寿命短,耗用精油量大30%以上。 The comprehensive answer is here: Because Runxiang Hotel fragrance machine uses German technology and technology, imported ultra-long life movement, long service life, saves essential oil, customers purchase our hotel fragrance machine according to the annual fragrance cost is 30% less than peers. Percentage of aromatherapy costs above; on the contrary, the cheapest hotel aromatherapy machine or gifted hotel aromatherapy machine is the highest cost to use in the final calculation, because it has a short service life and consumes more than 30% of the essential oil.


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