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How to choose hotel perfumer

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怎么选择加香设备和精油 How to choose hotel perfumer

Research shows that people's first impression on any kind of material accounts for 50% of the overall evaluation, so as soon as the customer enters the door, we will give the customer a different feeling. Therefore, the hotel lobby is a relatively important part of the customer's impression of the hotel.

扩香机加香机 、喷香机等)鱼龙混杂,质量参差不齐,香氛精油耗用量极大,使用寿命短,使用不到一年就报废了,很多厂家的加香机有香味堵塞、渗漏香氛精油情况,造成周边建筑设施受损坏和人员滑倒的潜在危险,众多低价劣质的加香机给加香机行业带来很多负面影响。 At present, hotel aromatherapy machines (also called diffuser , perfumer , sprayer, etc.) in the hotel aromatherapy market are mixed with fish and dragons, the quality is uneven, the consumption of fragrance oil is extremely large, and the service life is short. It has been scrapped. Many manufacturers' fragrance dispensers have scent clogging and leakage of fragrance essential oil, which may cause damage to surrounding construction facilities and personnel slipping. Many low-quality and low-quality fragrance dispensers bring the fragrance dispenser industry. Many negative effects. At present, only a few domestic manufacturers have the ability to make high-quality hotel flavoring machines. So, how do we go about choosing the flavoring equipment reasonably is a key issue.

From the above problems, we first need to have a stable quality fragrance equipment in order to have a stable fragrance supply source, and to continue to bring good fragrance effects to the hotel fragrance. So how do we choose fragrance equipment?

Advantages of Runxiang brand flavoring machine:

1. Assemble the super longevity movement of international first-line brands, with a service life of 6-8 years, which is three times the average life of its peers;

2. The patented aluminum alloy scent atomizer, the effect of scent atomization is close to the "smoke" -like ultra-fine scent molecules, the scent diffusion range is larger, and the floating event is longer, so on average it saves about 30% of the cost of fragrance essential oil ;

3. German technology and craftsmanship, no leakage of fragrance essential oil, no blocking of fragrance, no need to clean the fragrance atomizer every month;

4. Large space models are equipped with two scent atomizers. In the absence of a central air conditioning fresh air system, two scent outlets in one space can be sprayed at the same time, so that the scent is more uniform.

5. With patented technology, the production process exceeds 8 processes of peers, and standardized design and production are realized;

6. The aluminum alloy material synchronized with the international first-line brands will not cause the cabinet to rust in humid or high temperature environments.

7. Microcomputer full-automatic control system can adjust the fragrance concentration according to the working environment. The fragrance opening time can be set at will, and the machine will automatically stop working when the fragrance is not needed.

8. 48 hours of test run testing must be performed before leaving the factory, and the products can be shipped from the factory after passing the test.

9, user-friendly design, easy to install and add fragrance essential oils;

10. Exported to 31 countries and regions, with zero customer quality complaints for three consecutive years;

11. Product warranty for two years, lifetime maintenance, contract users can enjoy lifetime warranty treatment;

12. If the non-run fragrance brand fragrance equipment (fragrance spreader, fragrance dispenser) is in urgent need of support service, we can provide the service for the temporary replacement of the machine for free.


Second, with good fragrance equipment, must also be equipped with high-quality fragrance essential oils, so as to achieve a hotel with a good fragrance effect. So how do we choose fragrance oils?

At present, the fragrance oil market is in a red sea. Even the industrial clusters of fragrance oils (also known as flavored oils, aroma oils, aroma oils, etc.) are also mixed in Guangdong. There are a large number of large and small flavoring machine manufacturers. The fragrance oils are sold with varying quality. A large part of them rely on the purchase of inferior fragrance oils, which are also known as French imported fragrance oils, and then one bottle becomes two bottles by adding a diluent. Therefore, many inferior and cheap fragrance essential oils flood the market. The prices of fragrance essential oils also vary widely, and there is no guarantee for human health.

Facing such a complicated market environment, Mr. Liu Yongquan, the company's principal, adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity is the soul, quality is the first". The company has strict quality requirements and supplier qualifications for imported fragrance essential oils and foreign-made original fragrance essential oils. It is required to send the national authoritative testing agency to check the safety of fragrance essential oils every year. Secondly, the fragrance of essential oils must be pure, and the fragrance essential oils do not add any other ingredients. Cooperate with well-known French fragrance agencies, and maintain the research center with essential oils. Cooperation with university institutions.

Characteristics of Runxiang brand fragrance essential oil (aromatherapy essential oil):

1. Each fragrance essential oil has to go through many practical and allergen tests, scent type matching tests, and fragrance endurance tests before being put on the market.
2. The formula of each essential oil is carefully formulated by the top perfumer. The special characteristics of the fragrance essential oil determine that the essential oil cannot be consistent with the formula of the perfume; the perfume is divided into front, middle and back notes, which are different. The taste of the time period is different, and the essential oils of the fragrance come out at the same time at the same time, and the same taste at the same time level is divided into front notes, middle notes, and post notes.

3. Imported high-quality scented essential oils and foreign-made original scented essential oils are in line with more than 100 types of fragrances that are popular in China.
4. All fragrance essential oils do not contain 26 kinds of allergens, and meet the standards of the International Fragrance Association and the standards of the China Fragrance Association and the European Union.

5. Original foreign scent essential oil, high-end quality, pure and lasting fragrance, no addition, environmental protection and safety. Fragrance essential oils are produced according to the standards of the International Fragrance Association and meet the European Union's safety requirements and national standards. The company sends samples every year to international authoritative testing agencies for testing to ensure the continued safety of fragrance essential oils, to be a conscience product, and to provide users with quality and safety of fragrance essential oils for free. Inspection certificate.


Choose from hundreds of fragrances :

Shangri-La, Hilton Hotel, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Sofitel Hotel, Westin White Tea, The Ritz-Carlton, Marriott Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Classic White Tea, Oriental Charm, Fresh Bamboo Charm, Water of Life, Spring in Paris, Azure Ocean , Chanel Series, Spring Garden, Spring Day Morning, Red Rose, Blue Dream, Love Party, Red Rose, Metropolis, Times Square, Spring Time, Yue Rong Pile, Wynn Casino Scent, City of Dreams Macau, etc. Customize the fragrance according to customer requirements, and you will definitely find one that suits you.

For the selection of scented essential oils, please refer to our company's official website's fragrance solution. Before bulk ordering, our company provides small samples of scented essential oils for free to choose from, and you can still replace other fragrances for free after purchase, allowing you to order to your satisfaction fragrance.

Guangzhou Runxiang has provided scented essential oils or fragrance services to more than 3,000 domestic hotels, clubs, bars, KTVs, resorts, shopping malls, auto 4S shops, office buildings, specialty stores, sales offices and other places. Customers include: Shangri-La Hotel, Vienna International Hotel, Jinjiang International Hotel, Chutian Yuehai International Hotel, New Century Grand Hotel, Sofitel Hotel, Shuyou Group Golden Bottle KTV, Good Sound KTV, Phoebe International Bar, Soho Bar, Flying Spirit Bar, Lace Bar, Allure Bar, Grand Theater, Asia Pacific International Club, Yinquan International Club, OCT East Coast Club, Vanke Real Estate Sales Department, Poly Real Estate Sales Department, Country Garden Real Estate Sales Department, China Resources Land , Porsche Automobile 4S Store, Audi Automobile 4S Store, Great Wall Harvard Automobile 4S Store, Diwang Shopping Center, Red Star Macalline Mall, Huachang Jewelry Store, Giovanni Brand Clothing Store and other places.


Guangzhou Runxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional large space perfumer manufacturer. It has a professional large space perfumer program design, installation and commissioning and after-sales service. The company imports high-quality fragrance oils and cooperates with well-known foreign fragrance agencies to customize. Fragrance essential oil, a one-stop fragrance solution, providing customized fragrance services. It is recommended that when the space fragrance (space fragrance) supplier chooses, shop around (machine quality life, whether the machine saves fragrance essential oil, fragrance essential oil quality and cost-effectiveness). Only good quality hotel fragrance equipment can make the fragrance essential oil. Consistently and stably achieve better space fragrance effects, giving users a durable, trouble-free, and peace of mind experience; high-quality, safe, and reliable fragrance essential oils can have a high-quality fragrance environment. No additives, safety and environmental protection make users assured of long-term use. !! After the comparison, we decide which one to choose as a partner. We are not the only one to choose, but we must be the right choice. We choose quality and rest assured when we choose!

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