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The company installs a central air-conditioning fragrance machine for a seven-star hotel in Sanya

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安装 中央空调加香机 The company installs a central air-conditioning fragrance machine for a seven-star hotel in Sanya

  Sanya City, Hainan is a well-known resort in China. It has gathered many world-class star-rated hotels. Among star-rated hotels, the hotel fragrance is a must-have for star-rated hotels. 40% of star-rated hotels have installed our fragrance. The brand's central air-conditioning fragrance dispenser provides hotels with high-quality hotel fragrances.

扩香机 加香机 、酒店加香机、酒店香氛系统)、拥有六年大空间场所加香实战经验、拥有专业的空间香薰方案设计和安装工程团队、与外资精油公司合作开发定制香味、服务于三百多家星级酒店和过千家大空间场所,如:售楼中心、酒吧、KTV、夜总会、商场百货、会所等场所。 We have five-star quality German technology hotel perfumer equipment (also known as diffuser , perfumer, hotel perfumer, hotel fragrance system), have six years of experience in large space venues, and have professional space. Aromatherapy design and installation engineering team, cooperate with foreign essential oil companies to develop custom fragrances, serve more than 300 star hotels and more than 1,000 large space places, such as: sales centers, bars, KTVs, night clubs, department stores, clubs, etc. place.

Today, we installed central air-conditioning fragrance dispensers for seven-star hotels in Sanya. Our positioning is to install high-quality and high-standard hotel fragrance equipment for high-star hotels to ensure high-standard fragrance effects and serve every customer. This is our goal.

When customers need our support the most, it is also the most urgent time to complete the installation of hotel fragrance equipment. What we unexpectedly encountered during the installation of hotel fragrance equipment (also known as hotel fragrance machine, hotel fragrance system), We have received seven-star service from customers, special car transfers, and return to the airport. We really appreciate our customers' support and trust!

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