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Hotel aromatherapy manufacturers teach you how to choose hotel aromatherapy (hotel fragrance)

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Hotel aromatherapy manufacturers teach you how to choose hotel aromatherapy ( hotel fragrance ). Guangzhou Runxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in six years of professional hotel aromatherapy services. It is a long-term hotel aromatherapy supplier for most star-rated hotels in China, including Asia ’s largest Sanya is a designated hotel aromatherapy supplier for seven-star hotels in Sanya. The company provides German technology hotel aromatherapy equipment (central air conditioning and aromatherapy machine) and high-quality imported hotel aroma oils (hotel aroma oils), as well as good communication and after-sales service. Regarding how to choose hotel aromatherapy essential oils, the following Guangzhou Aroma Large Space Aromatherapy Equipment Manufacturer will answer your questions:


The smell of hotel aroma must go through a series of procedures such as preliminary selection, trial, customized fragrance, trial, selected fragrance, etc. The selected fragrance must be organically integrated with the brand's visual and auditory recognition system, and the positioning characteristics of the customer group must be accurately grasped. Smell and be able to impress. The design of a successful olfactory label is worth more than tens of millions of media investment costs. The expenditure of the olfactory brand should be included in the annual budget of the brand promotion-creating a brand experience that extends beyond the traditional visual and auditory modes, Customers are placed in an environment that appeals to multiple senses and transforms us physically, mentally and spiritually. This is a real sensory experience and a very effective brand marketing tool.

的酒店香薰精油应该是原厂出品,无添加其他稀释剂,香味纯正,没有浑浊感,这就需要通过闻香纸沾上一点酒店香薰精油(香氛精油)拿来闻,来感觉香味是否纯香;另外,优质的酒店香薰精油是香味留存时间长, 通过闻香纸沾上一点香薰精油(香氛精油),闻香纸在空气中放置12个小时后仍然有香味。 Scent quality is also very important. Now hotel aromatherapy manufacturers teach you how to choose hotel aromatherapy (hotel fragrance). High-quality hotel aromatherapy essential oils should be produced by the original factory. No other thinners are added. The fragrance is pure and there is no turbidity. Smell the paper with a little hotel aroma oil (fragrance oil) and smell it to see if the fragrance is pure. In addition, high-quality hotel aroma oils have a long scent retention time. Smell a little aroma oil (scent) Essential oil), the scented paper still smells after being left in the air for 12 hours.

Guangzhou Runxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional hotel aromatherapy service company. It has six years of practical experience in aromatherapy services for star-rated hotels and other high-end places. It is the aromatherapy service for hundreds of star-rated hotels in China and more than three thousand high-end hotels. A service provider of aromatherapy in large spaces. The company has a professional team of fragrance design, fragrance planning and budgeting, installation and maintenance of aromatherapy equipment. The hotel uses German technology for hotel fragrance equipment and high-quality pure fragrance imported hotel fragrance essential oils to create a long-lasting and comfortable fragrance. Fragrance environment is a cost-effective one-stop aromatherapy service company.

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