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Hotel fragrance notes

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Hotel fragrance notes

Hotel fragrance notes, Mr. Liu Yongquan, the person in charge of Guangzhou Runxiang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (large space fragrance machine manufacturer ) said: For users, the hotel should pay attention to: 1. Fragrance effect; 2. Fragrance safety 3. The quality of the hotel flavoring machine. The following is Mr. Liu Yongquan's answer to the hotel's precautions.

First, the scent effect of hotel fragrance ( hotel aroma ) is that the created scent environment is in line with the positioning of the hotel itself. This requires us to communicate and try with the person in charge of the hotel, and slowly modify the scent effect. Add the expected effect of fragrance. Adjust the fragrance concentration through the hotel's fragrance machine. It should not be too rich or too light. It feels superficial and blends into the heart! Fragrance is a sensory thing. It produces different understandings based on people's own experience, social environment, and the feelings brought by behavioral memory. What I need to do is to fuse their understandings. The fragrance of the first fragrance is different. The collocation is displayed, so that every customer can feel the nature, but because everyone's preference for fragrance is different, so choose a neutral fragrance as much as possible to satisfy most people.

2. Safety refers to the safety of the fragrance essential oils used in hotels. Our fragrance essential oils are imported from the United States, France, and Spain. All fragrance essential oils have passed the safety inspection of international authoritative testing agencies and are in compliance with Fragrance international standards, the company sends fragrance essential oils to international authoritative testing agencies for inspection every year; our own office is full of strong fragrances every day, and we are most exposed to ourselves, so we pay more attention to and sensitivity to the safety of fragrances. Fragrance oils are not safe, then we ourselves are a victim. However, some people may ask how the ⎝⎛中国足彩app⎞⎠ report of toxic perfume came from. This is caused by bad business using adulterating diluents that are harmful to the human body. Therefore, the hotel essential oil products are also conscience products. The professional hotel spiced company buys as well.

Third, what are the precautions for the hotel? Hotel perfumers should also pay attention to the selection of high-quality hotel perfumers (also known as diffuser , perfumer). At present, most manufacturers in the industry produce inferior hotel perfumers. The aroma is often blocked and some cannot be used. It was broken in half a year, and it was left unattended after the sale. It can only be discarded, so many manufacturers are buying essential oil to send machines. When you buy a large number of fragrance essential oils (also called aromatherapy essential oils), you have not used half of them. The machine has already been scrapped. This situation is very common. Inferior hotel perfumer equipment cannot guarantee the continuous and stable delivery of the fragrance, and it cannot have a good aroma effect. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a high-quality hotel perfumer.

Runxiang brand hotel flavoring machine adopts German technology and technology, and is equipped with imported long-life movements. It is the only brand of flavoring equipment that can be guaranteed for three years by its peers (one year warranty with peers) and lifetime warranty for contract customers; Runxiang brand hotel flavoring machine Because the atomized particles are close to a "smoke" shape, the fragrance diffusion range is large, and the fragrance floats for a long time, so using a small amount of fragrance essential oils can allow a large space to create a predetermined fragrance effect. Compared to the average introduction of 30% of the fragrance Dosage of essential oils. Runxiang brand hotel fragrance machine fully automatic intelligent control, according to the use environment, you can set the length of the fragrance time and the fragrance concentration in a one-time program in advance, and repeatedly achieve the same fragrance concentration every day within a predetermined period of time to achieve periodicity Smart settings.

Guangzhou Runxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has six years of practical experience in aromatherapy services for star-rated hotels and other high-end places. It is a service provider for 130 star-rated hotel aromatherapy and more than 3,000 mid-to-high-end space aromatherapy services in China. , Including the largest seven-star hotel in Asia, Sanya, the most beautiful and seven-star hotel. The company has a professional team of scent design, scent plan planning and budget, installation and maintenance of scenting equipment, to create a long-lasting and comfortable scent environment. One-stop aromatherapy service company, while providing good after-sales service.

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