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How to choose a hotel fragrance?

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How to choose a hotel fragrance? Many users are hesitant to choose what scent for their hotel lobby and other leisure space fragrances. Runxiang Company has specialized in hotel fragrances and other large space fragrances for more than 7 years. Guangzhou Runxiang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.'s senior technology Mr. Liu Yongquan, an engineer and head of the company's marketing department, based on 7 years of practical experience in space fragrances, put forward the following opinions on fragrance selection in the hotel industry:

1. The positioning of hotel fragrance is to simply add fragrance to the space and provide guests with a comfortable scent environment. You can use different flavors or the same fragrance according to different seasons in spring, summer, autumn, and winter. In this case, you only need to choose the fragrance that suits the main guests. Favorite scent, because everyone's preference for scent is different, I personally recommend choosing a neutral scent.

Second, the positioning of hotel fragrance is fragrance marketing. The choice of fragrance is more complicated. First of all, you need to understand the company culture, company hotel brand positioning and consumer group positioning, and then use a professional perfumer to adjust according to your situation. Produce your own fragrance for testing. After testing and investigating the fine-tuning of the fragrance, until the customer thinks that the hotel fragrance is scented, start to batch-modulate the exclusive hotel brand fragrance. The hotel perfumery implemented after such hotel fragrance planning is We often talk about hotel fragrance marketing. Scent marketing is a systematic and professional project. It must go through a series of procedures such as fragrance selection, installation, trial, review, and revision. The hotel's fragrance marketing is more successful in Shangri-La hotels, and some of them are five-star. Class hotel groups do not use the same fragrance uniformly, so it cannot be called hotel fragrance marketing.

How to choose a hotel fragrance? At present, domestic star-level hotels purchase professional hotel fragrance equipment (also known as diffuser ) and hotel fragrance essential oils through professional fragrance equipment manufacturers. Runxiang brand diffuser can choose the appropriate machine model and installation location according to the actual space size, space layout and other environment of the hotel. The diffuser can set the aroma time and aroma concentration at will, which can truly guarantee the hotel's fragrance or Scent effect of hotel space.

In the process of serving many star hotels, Guangzhou Runxiang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. insists on using German technology fragrance equipment (diffuser) and imported fragrance essential oils, high-quality fragrance equipment and high-quality fragrances. Essential oils can create a high standard of fragrance space.

、地王购物中心、万象城、红星美凯龙商场、华昌珠宝店、乔万尼品牌服装店等过千家场所提供空间加香服务,公司还承接了众多大型发布会现场加香服务,如华润集团、十度新闻传媒等二十多家合作伙伴;公司还大量出口扩 The company has successively been Asia's largest star hotel building group (Sanya's beautiful crown seven-star hotel), Shangri-La Hotel, Vienna Hotel, Chutian Yuehai International Hotel, New Century Grand Hotel, Sofitel Hotel, Shuyou Group Jinzun KTV, Good Sound KTV, Soho Bar, Phoebe International Bar, Flying Spirit Bar, Lace Bar, Allure Bar, Grand Theater, Asia Pacific International Club, Yinquan International Club, OCT East Coast Club, Porsche 4S Store, Audi Auto 4S shop, Great Wall Harvard Automobile 4S shop, Vanke Real Estate Sales Department (Vanke Dream Factory, Vanke One Sea City, etc. more than 10 real estate), Poly Real Estate Sales Department, Country Garden Real Estate Sales Department, Ka Wah Group (Jiahui City) ), Kaijing Group Real Estate Sales Department, Guangwu Group Real Estate Sales Department, China Resources Land , Diwang Shopping Center, Vientiane City, Red Star Macalline Mall, Huachang Jewelry Store, Giovanni Brand Clothing Store and more than 1,000 places Provide space fragrance service, the company also undertakes many large-scale conference site fragrance service, such as China Resources Group, Shidu News Media and more than 20 partners; the company also exports a large number of Machine (flavored machine, Diffuser, a fragrance system) to the Middle East, Europe and other developed countries and regions thirty-one

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