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Advantages of French fragrance essential oils

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Advantages of French fragrance essential oils


精雕细琢精益求精的精神,让它成为世界上最强势的法国香水(香氛)品牌文化。 French perfumes are famous all over the world. French perfumes have a long history and culture. The elements of fashion trends have always run through French history. Regardless of fashion, perfume, and red wine, they have a high degree of attention and rapid development. Become the world's most powerful French perfume (fragrance) brand culture. For example, the development history of Chanel perfume can be seen as the epitome of French perfume history, top brand publicity, luxurious packaging, unique fragrance, eye-catching logo, how many people are obsessed with it, which is what it makes other brands look at. Advantage.

The advantage of French perfume oil is that it also has the same quality as French perfume. Thanks to the high quality and demanding fragrance raw material quality of French perfume oil, plus the high degree of professionalism of the perfumer, it is used in a large space. French fragrance essential oils also have world-class quality. French fragrance essential oils have a strict product safety management system from the raw material to the cost of production. French fragrance essential oils need to be tested before leaving the factory for 36 allergens, which is in line with international standards. Fragrance Association safety standards, pure fragrance.

The advantages of French fragrance essential oils make it difficult for most domestic essential oil companies to catch up. The cost of using French fragrance essential oils has also increased significantly compared to the cost of domestic fragrance essential oils. Therefore, many domestic fragrance companies purchase low-cost fragrances from domestic manufacturers. Aromatic essential oils, also known as French imported scented essential oils (aromatherapy essential oils), are added to the bottle of alcohol or other ingredients into two bottles. Fraudulent becomes the norm in the fragrance industry.

,配合公司生产的德国技术的香氛扩散设备( 扩香机 ),将香味扩散到大面积的空间, 为国内1360家中高端场所提供香氛服务,其中包括为160家星级酒店提供香氛扩散设备和酒店香氛精油( 酒店香薰精油),是世界超大规模星级酒店群(美丽之冠七星酒店)指定香氛供应商,连续四年零客户质量投诉,是中国最具责任感品牌。 Guangzhou Runxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-quality fragrance company in the domestic space fragrance industry. Runxiang Company introduced fragrances (fragrance essential oils ) from the perfume origin of France's Grasse , in line with the safety of the International Fragrance Association. Standards , with the company's German technology fragrance diffusion equipment ( diffuser ), diffuses the fragrance to a large area, and provides fragrance services to 1,360 domestic high-end and high-end places, including providing fragrance for 160 star-rated hotels Diffusion equipment and hotel fragrance essential oils ( hotel aroma essential oils) are the designated fragrance suppliers for the world's ultra-large-scale star hotel group (beautiful crown seven-star hotels). They have zero customer quality complaints for four consecutive years and are the most responsible brands in China.

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