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What is the purpose of the hotel?

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What is the purpose of the hotel?

What is the purpose of the hotel? This is a question that many hotel management will think about. After all, adding perfume to a hotel requires a fee, and whether paying the fee can bring benefits or benefits. In fact, hotel fragrance can not bring intuitive benefits, then people will ask, what is the purpose of hotel fragrance? Let ’s take a brief look at the purpose of the hotel's fragrance.


Imagine that when we walk into the hotel lobby, what we smell is no longer a messy smell, but a refreshing and pleasant aroma. Being in the hotel lobby can make you feel the aroma brought you another Feel that different hotels have different scent. Because the scent added by the hotel makes the hotel enhance the guests' environmental experience. It virtually upgrades the hotel's grade and makes the guests leave a good impression. Everyone needs to find The first thing I thought of when I was in a hotel was to give myself a good hotel experience. In this way, there are naturally more old customers, which will increase the revenue of the hotel, which will answer your question about the purpose of adding fragrance to the hotel?

Hotel fragrance was introduced to China from a foreign star hotel brand management company in the past few years. Only through the development of nearly 10, can today's relatively popular hotel fragrance (hotel fragrance). The present era is no longer just to meet the needs of survival In this era, people ’s consumption levels and standards of sensory enjoyment are constantly improving. The comparison between businesses and enterprises is no longer limited to product quality, advertising, corporate image, innovative thinking, or who can really guide in the traditional field. Out of fashion, these are the best signs of business success.

At this stage, the star service of the hotel has basically reached a fairly high standard. At this time, the hotel was selected to be different from other hotels, so the hotel was introduced to add fragrance. The fragrant space is not limited to the hotel lobby. It has expanded to shopping malls, office halls, real estate sales offices, car 4S shops, bars, KTV, entertainment centers, etc., and even more, has gradually been in clothing stores. Specialty stores, cafes and other places.

What is the purpose of the hotel? We are all relatively clear, but the hotel needs to have a good scent effect for the guests to have a good experience. If the scent concentration is uneven, guests who do not like the scent will smell the strong scent, which will cause dislike, so, Hotel perfumers need professional diffuser manufacturers to provide their own hotels with professional high-quality fragrance equipment and high-quality fragrance essential oils . At the same time, they need to have rich professional experience to choose suitable locations to install hotel perfumers. Will have a good scent effect.

At this stage, many non-professional companies such as formaldehyde, insecticide companies, hotel supplies companies are also installing fragrance diffusion equipment in hotels or other places. They have no professional experience and professional after-sales service, and use low-cost and low-quality fragrance diffusion. Equipment and inferior fragrance essential oils, inferior fragrance diffusion equipment (diffusers, fragrance dispensers) waste the essential oils and are prone to leakage of the essential oils, which will cause the surrounding facilities to be corroded, and the oil will pollute the ceiling or air-conditioning equipment. Improper installation location selection results in uneven fragrance concentration and poor fragrance effect. In fact, many companies specializing in space fragrance now have the same situation.

At present, there are only 8 professional space fragrance companies in China. Therefore, choosing a fragrance supplier is like drawing lots in a temple, so it takes time to understand the situation of some diffuser manufacturers.

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