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How to choose a fragrance in a clothing store?

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How to choose a fragrance in a clothing store

How to choose a fragrance in a clothing store? Many chain brand clothing store managers will raise this question. Clothing store fragrance (clothing store aroma) refers to adding fragrance to the air of a clothing store, improving the scent experience of customers in the store to bring customers a happy mood, and thus better An effective way to serve customers and increase sales.

How to choose a fragrance in a clothing store? This is the responsibility of clothing stores to consider, and it is also the most difficult decision. The fragrance of clothing stores should be experienced by girls who love to buy brand clothing. The fragrance (shopping environment) of clothing stores is particularly easy to touch the perception of girls. Good fragrance gives people A sense of pleasure, of course, they are more willing to buy or buy more. 76% of people said that unique fragrances will make them have a noble and beautiful impression on the brand, and will generate associations, so the fragrance of clothing stores has become popular, and high-end brands have had it earlier. Exclusive clothing store fragrance (aroma of clothing store), highlighting the importance of clothing store fragrance.


How to choose a fragrance in a clothing store? The fragrance method of clothing store is similar to the hotel fragrance method. Select the aromatherapy machine model and fragrance essential oil, and use the Runxiang brand small space aromatherapy machine (also called aromatherapy machine, diffuser , diffuser). Selecting the aromatherapy machine model AF-J01 and using it with fragrance oils , placing the appropriate countertop or floor can achieve the scent effect of the clothing store's scent, allowing the entire clothing store to overflow, giving customers a different shopping experience.

Clothing store scent selection is also particular about brand positioning and consumer groups as the main factors for scent selection, and combined with the decoration environment, Guangzhou Runxiang has 7 years of experience in space fragrance and scent marketing plan planning. For clothing The shop fragrance will make some suggestions for customers to refer to. The fragrances commonly used in our clothing store are "Hermes Rose", "Oriental Charm" and "Joy" and other aroma oils (aromatherapy oils, flavored oils). Of course, the fragrance of Quality also determines the scent effect of the clothing store. The fragrance essential oils provided by Guangzhou Runxiang are all imported from the French factory. They do not contain 26 allergens. They comply with the International Fragrance Association IFRA standards. effect.


Why do many domestic large jewelry brands choose Guangzhou Runxiang as a partner?

1.German technology's atomizer particles are smaller than domestic counterparts, which can save more than 30% of the essential oils. The small fragrance particles make the fragrance diffusion range large and the micro-floating time is long; the life of the micro-fragrance movement is longer than the average of its peers. One year

2, France imported fragrance essential oils, a source of affordable prices, safe and pure fragrance; a large number of fragrance spot inventory, non-custom fragrances are mostly shipped on the same day (most of the peers can be shipped in about 3 days, because there is no spot inventory, fragrance The cost of essential oil inventory is high).

3. Quick response within 2 hours nationwide after sale, warranty period is one year longer than its counterparts.

How to choose a fragrance in a clothing store? With reference to the above suggestions, you can definitely find the scent effect you want, high-quality aromatherapy machine and French scent essential oil, to achieve the ideal choice of clothing store fragrance!


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