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The importance of the selection of the aromatherapy machine (diffuser) in the hotel lobby

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The importance of the selection of the aromatherapy machine (diffuser) in the hotel lobby

扩香机 )的选型注意哪些环节因素呢? The hotel lobby aromatherapy machine is currently standard for four-star or above hotels. The hotel lobby aromatherapy machine is a high-power aromatherapy equipment. The industry is also known as the diffuser, perfumer, and the selection of the aroma diffuser ( diffuser ). How about it? Mr. Liu Yongquan, the person in charge of our company, will give you a brief introduction to the selection and installation of the aromatherapy machine (diffuser) in the hotel lobby. Liu Yongquan has 5 years of practical experience in hotel fragrance design and planning, field installation and application. He has rich experience in the planning, installation and commissioning of space and places. Let me listen to his opinions below: What type of aromatherapy machine (diffuser) should I choose for the hotel lobby?


Liu Yongquan (Answer): The choice of the model of the aromatherapy machine (diffuser) in the hotel lobby mainly depends on the on-site air-conditioning layout. The purpose is to make the hotel lobby have a stable, uniform and comfortable fragrance effect. I myself summarized in the actual application of the hotel aroma diffuser (diffuser) as follows: The best scent effect is that the aroma diffuser (diffuser) is installed and connected to the central air conditioning fresh air duct, followed by the hotel lobby aroma diffuser (diffuser) connected to the air conditioner Air outlet (more than 350 square meters of hotel lobby need two fragrance outlets is better), due to the ventilation system is really unable to use the above two installation methods, only consider placing the floor or wall mounting, these two installation methods The scent effect is not ideal (the scent is too strong near the machine).

Therefore, the selection of the aromatherapy machine (diffuser) in the hotel lobby is related to the setting of the air conditioning and ventilation system, as well as the size of the hotel space and the amount of ventilation. For example, is there a fresh air duct in the hotel lobby ventilation system? Does the fresh air duct open in cold weather?

The hotel aroma diffuser (diffuser) models used by our company are mainly central air-conditioning aroma diffuser (diffuser) AF-B22 (connected to the central air-conditioning fresh air duct) and AF-B02 / AF-B01 (connected to the air-conditioning outlet, hidden installation).

香薰精油 香氛精油 )作为基础。 Therefore, the choice of the model and installation location of the aromatherapy machine (diffuser) in the hotel lobby affects the aroma effect of the hotel lobby. The quality of the movement of the aromatizer (diffuser) determines whether it will continue to run stably, especially the fragrance atomizer. Technology is an important factor in determining whether a stable fragrance concentration is sustainable. Of course, it is also very important to have high-quality aroma essential oils ( fragrance essential oils ) as the basis. In the next issue, we will talk about the influence of the installation position of the hotel's lobby aroma diffuser (diffuser) on the aroma effect.

In summary, choosing a high-quality hotel lobby aroma diffuser (diffuser) is the premise to ensure the stable and stable supply of fragrance and good fragrance effect for a long time. I think that a penny and a price is only a legend . The above are my personal opinions. You are welcome to exchange ideas, improve your skills in the hotel fragrance industry, and provide hotels with high-quality and high-standard fragrances.

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