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[Run Fragrance Diffusers] Is it true that the fragrance will affect the sales of the store?

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[Run fragrance diffuser ] Is it true that the fragrance will affect the sales of the store?

Research institutions have been investigating, and Swedish researchers have conducted an experiment to this end: Does the fragrance really attract consumers' attention to the corresponding advertising signs?

This is also the result of a survey that our diffuser (aroma diffuser) industry has been paying attention to. What will the result be? Let's take a look at the results of surveys conducted by researchers in Sweden.
They looked for 100 subjects. When the subjects passed through Stockholm's coffee shop, the researchers would deliberately use the aroma diffuser to spread the taste of chocolate cookies, and the subjects knew nothing about them.
The eye trackers worn by the study subjects recorded what they saw and how long they watched.


香扩香机】香味会影响店铺的销售是真的吗? [Run fragrance diffuser] Is it true that the fragrance will affect the sales of the store?

The data shows that the research subjects who have smelled cookie aromas at Stockholm coffee shops pay more attention to the advertising posters at the entrance than those who do not smell the cookie aromas (50% higher)
· Higher recall of Stockholm coffee shops (27% higher)
· Increased willingness to buy (40% higher)

Poja Shams of the University of Karlstad said that it was the aroma of chocolate cookies that caused the passing crowds to pay attention to the advertising posters at the storefront, and then turned this attention into purchase intention.
In addition, researchers have found that sweet fragrances attract the most attention. Therefore, if you sell products such as coffee and donuts, adding sweet flavors such as toast and cookies to the store is most suitable.
Shams told people at Science Nordic: "In the experiment, subjects who smelled the cookie smell spent an average of 6 seconds looking at the advertising poster at the coffee shop door, while those who didn't smell the cookie smell stayed for only 4 seconds."

Shams also said: "In addition to the chocolate cookie aroma, we found in our research that coffee and donut flavors can increase consumers' willingness to buy by 40%."
In the previous research on fragrance, many people have proposed that fragrance can improve the customer's stay time in the store and increase the customer's willingness to buy. However, there is no convincingness about how the fragrance specifically causes the change in customer's willingness to consume. Explain, as many people think that fragrance marketing is nothing more than boastful talk in the industry. But this experiment uses eye-tracking technology, and scientific data has once again proved the role of fragrance marketing.

Professor Anders Gustafsson of Karlstad University said in a press conference that when retail stores use fragrances, they should consider combining with store decoration, advertising signs and other things to combine multiple senses to attract consumers' attention. To get better results.
Another professor at the conference also said: "The eye tracker in the experiment showed that after the fragrance attracted consumers' attention, the consumer's focus was on the advertising posters at the entrance of the store, which reminded us that we can better Use the store's advertising logo. "

In recent years, there has been more and more related research. Klemens of the Marketing Department of the Norwegian Business School mentioned that Professor Manja Leib of the University of Lausanne has focused on the research of sensory marketing for many years, and in recent years, he has paid more attention to the research on fragrance marketing.
For example, in the fragrance marketing world, there has been a theory that "simple fragrances can make consumers make purchasing decisions faster". Professor Manja also did a research based on this. In a Swedish jewelry store, 400 The study subjects were divided into 3 groups for research.

Among them, 100 people in group A corresponded to the environment with orange fragrance; 100 people in group B corresponded to the environment with orange, green tea and basil fragrance; 200 people in group C corresponded to the environment without any fragrance. The experimental results show that the final average consumption amount of group A is more than the other two groups, followed by group B.


Guangzhou Runxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research, development, production and sales of diffusers (also known as fragrance diffusion equipment and aroma diffusers) based on German technology and technology. Scent effect has higher requirements for customer service.

[Run fragrance diffuser] Is it true that the fragrance will affect the sales of the store?

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