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Hotel aromatherapy also has "Feng Shui" fortune

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Hotel aromatherapy also has "Feng Shui" fortune

When the hotel aromatherapy is used, in addition to improving the environment, eliminating odors, purifying the air, etc., in fact, it also has a feng shui effect of prosperity. According to the ancient Chinese "Five Elements" theory, white is gold, green is wood, red is fire, and yellow is earth. So the colorful vanilla scent directly or indirectly affects human olfactory changes. That's why every fragrance will smell different.

1: When choosing a hotel aromatherapy, people who know it will consider that only high-quality hotel aromatherapy can activate and enhance positive energy and absorb bad gas. Because poor-quality hotel fragrances can make people smell dizzy, which is negative energy that affects health. In addition, the hotel aromatherapy machine materials generally choose more metal. It is said that metal is the strongest feng shui color tool in the five elements. It can enhance the yang and vitality of the inner hotel, activate the gas field, and reach the hotel Fortune.

2: Change the image of the hotel. Good hotel fragrances will leave a deep impression. When we walk into the hotel, what we smell is no longer a messy smell, but a scent that feels warm and comfortable. Being in the hotel can make you feel another fragrance. This virtually upgrades the hotel's profile and increases fortune.

3: From the point of view of modern science, it is said that Feng Shui has been accepted by people. The use of natural and high-quality hotel fragrances can remind the brain, clarify the brain's thinking, improve work efficiency, soothe tensions, and create a romantic atmosphere, so that hotel business will flourish.

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