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Diffuser Essential Oil Fragrance Type

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Diffuser Essential Oil Fragrance Type

[Run fragrance] The fragrance types of the essential oil of the diffuser are described as follows:

I. Fragrance Essential Oil Shangri-La Hotel Fragrance:

Top notes: ears of rice, roses, fennel, ginger, bergamot;

Middle notes: Lavender, Su Hexiang, Laurel, Lily of the Valley;

Back notes: sandalwood, guaiac, amaranth, ambergris

Second, the fragrance of essential oils of Four Seasons Hotel:

Top notes: blackcurrant, lemon, sweet grapefruit, lemon;

Middle notes: apple, rose, camphor, jasmine;

Back notes: Ambergris, Cypress.

Three, diffuser essential oil Peninsula hotel aroma type:

Top notes: roses, jasmine, apples, fragrant leaves, cucumbers;

Middle notes: lily of the valley, vanilla, Sydney, raspberry, watermelon;

Back notes: Alder, Sandalwood, Violet

The three types of diffuser essential oils are described above.

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