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Runxiang hotel aromatherapy, what are the commonly used aromas in the hotel lobby

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    Runxiang hotel aromatherapy, what are the commonly used aromas in the hotel lobby  

How to choose a hotel aroma is very important, that is, it is responsible to the hotel brand and guests. Hotel aroma is very important for the aroma effect. Good aroma is the continuous and stable release of aroma, which is a necessary condition to enhance the comfort and satisfaction of guests. Guangzhou Runxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. now lists the lobby aromas commonly used in domestic star hotels for reference.

1. Westin White Tea Hotel Lobby Scent: This is a representative of the successful hotel fragrance marketing. It is very popular in the hotel aroma industry. Its fragrance is also unique. It makes people smell very relaxed. The faint fragrance makes people exude. Charming and intimate feel. (Scent: Oriental floral and woody notes, first taste: citrus, green tea; middle taste: cypress, passion fruit, water lily, wild rose; aftertaste: agarwood, tunga, satin, sandalwood.)

2. The scent of the Shangri-La Hotel's lobby: sweet and fragrant with a romantic temperament, making people seek peace of mind in the hustle and bustle of the earth.

3. The scent of the Ritz-Carlton hotel lobby: fresh and pure natural fragrance, long-lasting and fresh breath will bring everyone a pleasant and lively feeling, so that the body and mind will be instantly baptized in nature, full of calm and joyful satisfaction.

4. Scent of Qingzhu Hotel's lobby: This is a very simple atmosphere. It doesn't need to concentrate on tasting, simple and stylish. The simple green bamboo tone is the main feature. The lasting and fresh breath brings everyone a pleasant and lively atmosphere, and carnations and lilies add a touch of style.

5. Oriental Scent Hotel Lobby Scent: It radiates more essence of cardamom and citrus in a radiant way, allowing the senses to take a new joyful journey.

The above fragrances are more popular. The scent of the hotel aroma must go through a series of procedures such as preliminary selection, trial, custom fragrance, etc. If most guests do not like these fragrances, it is definitely not an ideal choice. Secondly, they can interpret hotel brands. For example, high-end business hotels are best served with fresh and elegant Ritz-Carlton fragrances. Secondly, they should be developed for fragrances. Working hard to listen more to the opinions of the guests, while improving the customer satisfaction, also demonstrated the hotel's own brand value.

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