Guangzhou Runxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a fragrance company specializing in R & D, manufacturing, sales and import of French aromatherapy essential oil wholesale and retail. It provides high-quality services to nearly a thousand high-end users including the world ’s second-largest star hotel and a dozen of top 500 Chinese and foreign 500 companies. The quality diffuser and French aromatherapy essential oil have steadily advanced their popularity and influence in the high-end market.


Runxiang French aromatherapy mainly serves mid-to-high-end hotels such as star hotels, sales offices (sales department, sales center), department stores, office lobby, airport lobby, banks, cinemas, beauty clubs, jewelry stores, clothing stores, villas, etc. Place and home users.


The quality of the Runxiang diffuser is synchronized with the first-tier international brands, and its life span is more than three years on average. The self-developed atomizing nozzles will never block the fragrance, no after-sale, and save more than 31% of essential oil. In the future, we will also introduce cutting-edge technologies from Japan and the United States for the production of our diffuser equipment.


Aromatherapy essential oils are produced by the French company Grasse Essential Oils. There are no 15 allergens! French and EU safety standards; obtained the exclusive qualification of a French five-star hotel aromatherapy by a French local manufacturer, maybe there is currently no second one in China; each perfumery has a "Materials Safety Data Sheet" and an "IFRA Certificate of Conformity by the International Fragrance Association" ”,“ Allergen Certificate ”and other safety certification materials; a very large amount of aromatherapy essential oil“ Certificate of Origin of France ”, marked with the importer“ Guangzhou Runxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. ”and the batch number to identify true and false; more than 300 four stars The repurchase rate of the above hotels and more than a dozen Chinese and foreign 500 companies has reached 99%.

In the future, Runxiang and the French Aromatherapy Essential Oil Factory will deepen the cooperation to develop more safe and high-quality aromatherapy that our Orientals love. At the same time, our domestic families will also use safe and high-quality aromatherapy and provide customized aromatherapy.


Some cooperating users: The world's second-largest star hotel (beautiful crowned seven-star hotel), French Louvre Jinxi Hotel Group, Sheraton, Peninsula Hotel, Jinjiang International Hotel, Chutian Yuehai International Hotel, Vienna Hotel Group, Vanke Real Estate , R & F Real Estate, Poly Real Estate, Baoneng Real Estate, China Resources Land, Vientiane City, Joy City, Diwang Shopping Center, Red Star Macalline Mall, Shantou F16 Shopping Center, Beijing Yicheng Wealth Center, National Think Tank Center and other places.


In order to ensure that users can purchase genuine French aromatherapy essential oils (to avoid being faked by the distribution agents), we cancelled the distribution / agents in January 2016 and implemented the company's direct sales model. The quality is guaranteed and the price is more affordable.

Runxiang promises: All the French aromatherapy essential oils sold by Runxiang belong to French local production.

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