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I. Pre-sale services

1. Provide professional consultation. Answer your professional technical questions within 2 hours.
2. Provide detailed plans and reasonable quotations. Detailed plans and reasonable quotations will be made within 8 hours.

3. Provide inspection reception. Receive your inspections at any time and provide various convenient conditions for your inspections.

Second, sale service

1. Sign contracts and technical agreements with you.
2. Consciously abide by the contract law to ensure the smooth implementation of contracts and technical agreements.
3. We will try our best to provide you with high-quality products and use the best transportation method to ensure that you receive the goods intact.
4. Actively communicate with users, respect user arrangements, and provide users with thoughtful technical training and support.

5. Regardless of the size of the contract, all customers are fair in terms of price and service.

Third, after-sales service

1. Establish customer files and provide relevant technical operation instructions and technical data according to customer requirements.

2. Two-year free warranty, lifetime maintenance service, contract user lifetime warranty.

3. When the diffuser encounters a failure, we will arrange the maintenance as soon as possible after the telephone communication is confirmed.

4. For non-manufacturer fragrance equipment (fragrance spreader, fragrance spreader) malfunctioning and urgently need support services, we can provide free services for the temporary replacement of the fragrance spreader.

公司考虑到取消经销商后全国各地的用户担心机器售后维修问题,公司推出人性化的售后服务:用户机器发生故障,当天寄出同型号机器作为临时替换使用,正常情况全国大部分地区24小时内可以收到替换机器;合作期间免费为购买扩香设备超过12台以上的用户提供一台扩香设备作为备用机器。 5. The company considers that users from all over the country are worried about the after-sale maintenance of the machine after the cancellation of the dealer. The company introduces humanized after-sales service: if the user's machine fails, the same model machine will be sent for temporary replacement on the same day. Replacement machine can be received within one hour; during the cooperation period, a diffuser device will be provided as a spare machine for users who purchase more than 12 free diffuser devices for free. In this way, the worries of users around the country who worry about after-sales maintenance after long-distance purchases are resolved. The above decision is the company's initiative to create an industry first, cut off the intermediate links, and benefit the users across the country.

      没有售后服务的服务,是最好的售后服务 ”,因为我们有信心确认润香扩香机基本上不会出现质量问题,哪怕是小的质量问题。 We advocate: " Service without after-sales service is the best after-sales service ", because we are confident to confirm that there will be no quality problem, even if it is a small quality problem.

Fourth, technical support

栏目的相关技术资料,或者致电给我们:020-28996075。 If you encounter machine installation or related technical problems, you can refer to the relevant technical information of the company's diffuser technical support column, or call us at 020-28996075.

    • Address: 760-762 Nandi East Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
    • Phone: 020-28996075

    • Contact: Liu Yongquan

    • Mobile: 139 2423 8877

    • QQ: 2680492413   

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